Tips to improve your academic essay writing skills quickly

Academic writing is not an art but a skill that can be acquired through constant practice. An academic paper will be based on a solid thesis supported by relevant and authentic evidence. Once you have developed a thesis, you must build your essays around it. Even though most of us know these points, only a few students and researchers can excel in academic writing.

When writing an academic essay, you need to consider several qualities to craft an essay that serves its purpose. You can follow this guide to learn quick tips for developing academic writing skills.

Know what you are going to write

Most untrained writers will consider writing an easy task as they just sit down, read something, and start to write it in their way. But an experienced writer will know that even before you begin writing, you need to do thorough research, collect all the possible information, and make a basic outline before composing your essay.

The outline of your essay should consist of notes on what to include in the introduction (including the thesis statement), the body of the essay, and the conclusion.

Solid grasp of grammar, punctuation, and style

Before you start writing your essay, you need to have basic knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and style. Without having a solid grasp of these fundamental elements, you won’t be able to communicate effectively with the audience. Know the basics of grammar, including subject, verb agreement, and pronoun use, and learn how to make good sentence structure. Also, remember when and how you should use punctuation.

While writing the essay, make sure to use simple and concise language. Avoid wordiness or complex sentences that may distract it from its purpose.

Understand the arguments and support them with correct evidence

While writing your essay, ensure that you focus on your main argument. Collect evidence that supports your thesis. You might find some interesting information that you want to put in your essay. But restrain from doing that and ask yourself whether the information will support your argument. Also, try to explain why your evidence is relevant and essential.

Develop an engaging introductory paragraph that will hook the audience

Whether you start your essay with a quote or a story, make sure that they are exciting and capture the audience’s attention. If your opening paragraph is boring, persuasive, or demands the engagement of the brain, your game will end even before it starts.

introductory paragraph

Remember to edit, and proofread

Do not expect to get a good essay in your first draft. A good essay is a product of main revisions and proofreading. It will take many drafts for an excellent essay to take shape. This means you must read your essay as often as possible to eliminate the entire grammatical or typos mistake.

Writing a research paper and essay is very important for your academic career and future. Therefore practice and invest your time and effort to develop good essay writing skills.